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What's the hurry

In 2010 I was mentoring a handful of young recently graduated design professionals.  We were having a drink, discussing the future of architecture. I asked one of them, what kind of job are you looking for?  Why are you here? She said she wanted to be a designer, I want to design buildings. I said you can't be a designer.  Clearly offended, she's said what do you mean? So, I told her she didn’t know anything about the profession, you're just getting started, and to think that you're going to go out and start designing buildings without really know anything is not realistic.

I asked her age.  23 she said.  How long are you going to live? This really set her back, I don't know 90s. So, what's the hurry?  Why are you in such a rush to learn how to design buildings when there's so much more about the profession of architecture than just designing buildings. 

Stretching my arms out wide, the professions is this big.  Holding my hands a few inches apart, design is this big. First understand the profession and the physics of what makes buildings work. Then, if you have kept your focus, you will be well equipped to design buildings.

Since 2010, we have met a few times a year, catching up with where we both are in the profession and helping each other out when we can. Where once, I was her mentor, we now mentor each other.

That's how it's suppose to work, I think.

She is still working, has learned much, and when she feels ready, I believe will be a fine designer.


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