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60 - 40 - 25

2017 - 18 marked three milestones in my life and career. On August 1st 2017 I completed my 40th year in architecture, July 30th 2018 was my 60th birthday, and this December 5th 2018 completes the 25th year as Design Partner of Jennings Ackerley, a passion with which I began in 1992 is undiminished.

This website and blog will document history, present ideas and express observations of my 40+ years in architecture.

During the early phase of my career in Bakersfield, CA, so much was happening. From 1977 to 1982 the two offices which I worked, had a steady stream of projects in every phase development. There was always something to design, working drawings to prepare or construction to oversee.

I did not realize it until much later but this was the best possible education for a young architect. To be exposed to every phase of a project from contract through commissioning gave me an opportunity for learning at every level of the profession. Relevant no matter the scale or scope of the project.

In 1982 I found refuge at the office of McCoy Associates. A practice with deep roots in the Bakersfield community, it had recently been taken over by architect Robert E. McCoy after the passing of his father, Ernest L. McCoy.

Robert had a different background than any other architect in Bakersfield. Under his careful tutelage, and his senior technical architect Adrian Pasquini, I learned to think differently and how to study a design. They taught through a relentless study no matter what phase of a project. It is the love of study which architecture emerges. There was an understanding for the purpose of a building and the process of construction that was the foundation of space and spatial relationships.

Moving to San Francisco in 1987 gave me the exposure to larger scale projects. Employed at Kaplan McLaughlin and Diaz, then Skidmore Owings & Merrill, I was able to expand the scale of my design vocabulary to include such projects as UCSD Outpatient Services Building and Hospital Tower, GSA Building, Oakland and the Kaiser Vallejo Medical Center.

An opportunity presented itself with the small firm of Brewer Fraser & Holland. A small firm with a very large project, the Kaiser replacement Hospital and Medical Office Building Expansion in Walnut Creek. During my time at BFH I oversaw all planning and design operations.

In 1992, with the replacement hospital drawings nearly complete and the Medical Office Building well under way, it seemed an opportune moment to launch out into the great adventure of working on one’s own.

What you will see here represents part the past 25 years of my work as Design Partner for Jennings Ackerley, only a small part of what was learned and completed.

What you don’t see are the countless relationships built during this process. Staff, consultants, and contractors that contributed with intense collaboration to fulfill the requirement of each project.

I am especially grateful to all those clients that placed their trust in our hands.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to each of the talented and dedicated individuals that supported and continue to support Jennings Ackerley in our pursuit of architecture that is a source of human expression.

I look forward to working with you for another 25 - 40 - 60

Charles Ackerley, Design Partner, Architect

August 2018

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