Charles Ackerley established JenningsAckerley in San Francisco, California in 1992.

Every project undertaken by Jennings Ackerley is designed personally and directly by Charles Ackerley.

Jennings Ackerley utilizes local and international resources to support the design and production effort.  Each has a unique talent and extensive experience in the technical development of building systems and construction documents, and who are highly qualified in the management of complex projects.

The firm relies on the use of a variety sophisticated 3D computer modeling programs, selected specific to the assignment, to thoroughly document designs and to rationalize the bidding, fabrication, and construction processes.
As good as computer imaging is, we believe in using several methods to communicate our design intent. Each method of graphic representation informs the team of different aspects of the design. Different people respond to different types of graphics. Some respond to the softer, more intimate nature of a pencil sketch or watercolor renderings, others are seduced by the technology of computer graphics or animation.  Everybody responds to a physical model.



Jennings Ackerley has one office, located at 1 Sansome Street, San Francisco California, 94104

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