PROJECT: World Product Center
TYPE: Architecture
SIZE: 1,000,000 sq.ft.
CLIENT: World Product Center

The concept for the World Product Center in Times Square, NYC, responds to the need by medical experts to have a permanent, fully supported environment that will allow them not only to operate the equipment but recreate actual situations in which the product will be used. Located at the heart of Manhattan, the building plan provides retail and office space including an auditorium, conference rooms, and an atrium.
In developing the design, spatial volumes, materials, and technology were considered. The design concept focused around the elements of an open, multistory atrium; flexible, clustered conference rooms; organization of upper floors by medical specialty; and a strong relationship to the street for the public components of the program.
The concept creates a fluid space capable of anticipating the requirements of the medical world tomorrow. Interlocking volumes of space penetrate multiple stories, creating visual links between private and public functions, as interior volumes of space add interest to the building exterior. The combination of function and clarity of form join to meet the needs of a global range of users.

PROJECT TEAM: Charles Ackerley, Terri Walker, Clare Hyland