WPCN1000 – World Product Center
WHHS0501 – Washington Hospital Health Care District
UCSF0105 – University of California, San Francisco Medical Offices
SRMH1197 – Santa Rosa memorial Hospital Open Heart Surgery Suite
SRMH1097 – Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital
SNMH0105 – Sierra Nevada Hospital Cancer Center Living Room
KPDC1103 – Kaiser Permanente Medical Office Building 5
UVMC – Ukiah Valley Medical Center Masterplan, Ukiah CA
KPDC0204 – Kaiser South San Francisco Medical Center
JASF0500 – Piers 27-35
BPAC0105 – Bakersfield Center for the Performing Arts
FARGO – Masterplan for Mixed Use project, Fargo ND
PAMP0105 – Pacific Asia Museum
CLEV2010 – Inter Model Transportation Master Plan
KPDC1202 – Kaiser Permanente Medical Offices
JASF0199 – The Sea Ranch
CCAC0100 – Clear Channel Media